About RA

Digital Art Since 2019

Based in LA

Closed for commissions

Romantic Appeal is a digital artist Their work has been featured by several notable Instagram accounts including @photoshop, @nft, @surrealism.world and @sofiarichie.

In April of 2021, Romantic Appeal entered the NFT space. They’ve been fortunate enough to sell NFTs to innovators in the field such as Mark Cuban and Drake Bell, and collaborate on NFT drops with Jesse Meester and several other notable internet personalities.


Interested in bringing your idea to life? Romantic Appeal currently has limited availability for commissions.

The Process –

Start to Finish 3 stage service:

1) Concept Testing – After brainstorming, you choose from several rough mock-ups of the your piece

2) Drafting – Processing to increase final image resolution, refinement of details, color tuning, etc..

3) Revising. After hearing your feedback, the final product is tailored to your satisfaction.

Pricing –

[Update as of 9/29/21]

I am extremely busy with non-art related business and have little time to create, let alone work on commission, which often proves to be quite a time commitment. Therefore, I will not be accepting the majority of commission requests. That being said, please reach out and explain the nature of your project. If I’m unavailable to assist with your project, I’m happy to personally refer you to one of several artists with whom I closely work.

Latest Clients (Summer 2021)

Universal Studios – “OLD” The Movie

In July of 2021 we were hired as a commissioned artist on the ad campaign for M. Night Shyamalan‘s latest major motion picture “OLD.” Participating artists were asked to create a piece that built upon one of the film’s recurrent themes. In addition to the final piece itself, artists were asked to create several other deliverables to share with their audience on social media. The final piece is shared here.

“Swimming Pool” Cover Art for Wineson

In July of 2021 we were commissioned to create the cover art for Wineson’s new single Swimming Pool. Wineson is a group of 4 best friends from Barcelona who play a unique style of music they dub “Wine-Pop”. In the next couple months, Wineson will be moving to LA and releasing two more singles along with their debut album “World Domination”. 

We will being doing more 2 single covers in addition to the album cover for World Domination.

Get in touch

For commissions, licensing, and any other business or creative inquiries kindly fill out this form and I’ll get back to you within 1-2 business days.

Looking forward to collaborating.